Window strikes killing birds at Riverview Plaza on the Trenton Waterfront

Migrating and resident birds are dying from window strikes at Riverview Plaza

WCAS is dismayed to learn of ongoing, significant avian mortality from birds striking  the new Riverview Plaza office buildings’ vast, glass walls. Birds cannot distinguish between the reflections of sky, trees, and shrubbery in glass and actual vegetation. The issue is compounded by the siting of these virtually all glass buildings along the Delaware River, a natural wildlife corridor just up river from the Abbott Marshlands Important Bird Area.

The problem is particularly acute during southbound migration along the Atlantic Flyway in the Fall months of August, Sepetember and October. Strikes will pick up again during Spring’s northbound migration, often along waterways that serve as traditional migration corridors.

There are solutions — glass CAN be retrofitted with bird friendly solutions to lessen the likelihood of window strikes

Best information on bird strikes is from the American Bird Conservancy.  See #5 for links to bird friendly building designs and  home friendly solutions. The ABC “Bird Friendly Building Design” is the best starting point for solutions. 

Strikes occuring roughly where the red pin is at Riverview Plaza, Trenton, NJ, 08611, just north of Trenton Thunder’s Arm & Hammer Stadium. Glass buildings at 100, 200, 300, 400 Riverview are all implicated.

Panes of mostly uninterrupted glass…

Birds accidentally colliding with glass is NOT just a nocturnal migration or urban problem.

Factors that contribute to the number, frequency and severity of bird strikes with glass include:

  • Percentage and orientation of glass
  • Siting of buildings in or near wildllife corridors
  • Placement near water and food, dense cover
  • Proximity to surrounding landscaping

    Learn more about collisions and solutions

    From Lynne Parks’ March ’22 Public Program for WCAS

    Just a sampling of dead and injured birds that struck glass at Riverview Plaza (three Hummingbirds at once in one photo)…