Navigating to Field Trip Meeting Locations with Google Maps

From your Desktop Computer

  • Go to Home Page “Slider” (animated events at top)
  • Choose the Event you want to go to (Field Trip, Public Program, etc.)
  • Click the “Click Here” button for that Event


  • This launches Calendar Event page with a Google Map
  • Click or Hover over map
  • Green box with a magnifying glass (+ sign) should appear in lower right corner
  • Click + sign to enlarge map to full page view.
  • Google Maps launches so you can map and print directions from home


Smart Phone Driving Directions

If you have a a smart phone…

  • Tap the “Click Here” button
  • Scroll down on the details page to find the map.
  • A green magnifying glass with + sign should automatically appear.
  • Tap the green magnifying glass to launch Google Maps to give you play-by-play voice driving directions to WCAS events!

    PS: works *most*  of the time