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Pat Sziber

Exhibit Earns Award
Pat Sziber

We are proud to announce that our chapter exhibit, "Wild Plants: Nature's Bounty for Birds," took third prize in the conservation division at "Turning Leaves," a flower show presented by The Garden Club of Princeton, Stony Brook Garden Club, and The Garden Club of Trenton. The show was held at the NJ State Museum the first weekend in November. Conservation exhibits were judged on educational and visual merit and their effectiveness at increasing the public's knowledge and awareness of our environment.

Our exhibit featured a series of photographs of fruits of native plants with lists of the bird species that use them, as well as live and dried fall fruits and grasses. The display board was supplemented with a folio of additional examples. Photos were provided by Hannah Suthers, Pat Sziber, Jeff Hall and Arlene Oley. Hannah provided the wealth of information on feeding preferences of bird species, much of it from her own studies at Featherbed Lane. The borrowed live material was kept fresh and returned to its locations so the birds could feast on it. The photo display will be used again at Super Science Weekend in January.



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