Records of NJ Birds: Featherbed Lane
Spring 2003
Hannah Bonsey Suthers

Migration this spring seemed trickle-through so that I was concerned about whether the numbers were way down. Large influxes of species with one or only a few individuals occured at Featherbed Lane on 30 April with 12 new species, and 2 May with 8 new species. Highlights were:

Great Blue Heronflyover 25 March
Sharp-shinned Hawk11 March (JS)
Cooper's Hawk9 March (JS)
American Woodcock15 March & following
Great-horned Owlhooting (again) 23 April
Eastern Screech Owlcalling 23 April, 18 May
Wild Turkeythroughout
Ruffed Grouseencountered occasionally
Pileated Woodpecker21 April, 4 May, 6 May, 8 May
Red-bellied Woodpeckerscourting 29 April
Red-headed Woodpeckerregular visitor at a Hopewell Sourlands feeder
Ruby-throated Hummingbirdfemale with brood patch mist netted 18 May
American Crowwith nesting material 26 March
Blue Jayscourting 29 April
Carolina Wrennest under a rug draped over porch railings, 9 March (SS)
Barn Swallows2 pairs passing through 26 April, 4 pair residents arrived 5 May
Blue-gray Gnatcatcherspair 28 April, family 18 May
Robinhatched 20 April
Bicknell's Thrush and Gray-cheeked Thrushbanded together 25 May
Red-eyed Vireo2-bird chase on 7 May
Ovenbird2-bird chase on 19 May (they arrived 28 April)
Black-and-WhiteWarbler arrived 29 April, on territory regularly since
Baltimore Oriolearrived 30 April, 2 males chasing a female 7 May.
Eastern Meadowlarksin nearby hayfields 10 May
Bobolinkin nearby hayfields 11 May, two pairs seen in courtship flights 31 May
Rose-breasted Grosbeakarrived 29 April, three males chasing a female 2 May
Fox Sparrow8 April (JS)
White-crowned Sparrow10-May

Hannah Suthers and the Featherbed Lane Banding Station Crew

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