Records of NJ Birds: Featherbed Lane
Fall 2010
Hannah Bonsey Suthers

Fall 2010 had several strong weather fronts with major migrations. Nexrad radar at nights and ground truthing the following mornings showed major migration flights at Cape May on Sept 11 (huge), 15, 19 (heavy), Oct 21 (heavy), 28 (mega), Nov 5, and 7, where tens of thousands of songbirds were counted. Peaks of the weekend banding mornings at Featherbed Lane were on Sept 5, Oct 10, 17, and 24. On the dates of the largest radar detection, birds evidently did not stop over at Featherbed Lane. The local fruit and grass seed supply was severely limited because of the summer drought. The first killing frost on Nov 29, three weeks later than last year, took insects except midges.

Usually the species leader, only 33 Catbirds were banded, compared with a median count of 73 in the previous 7 years. An unusual total of 39 Hermit Thrushes were banded, compared with a 7-year median count of 13. An astonishing 53 Tufted Titmice were banded, compared with a 7-year median count of 20. The seven Swainson’s Thrushes and 5 Gray-cheeked Thrushes were up from a 7-year median count of 2 each.

Of 485 encounters at Featherbed Lane Banding Station 401 were newly banded, 57 recaptured from previous weeks, 13 recaptured from previous years, 11 escapees, and 3 not banded. The returns from previous years were: an 8-year-old, and a 7-year-old Cardinal; 6-year-old and 5-year-old White-throated Sparrows; 5-year-old and after-4-year Tufted Titmice; three third-year Black-capped x Carolina Chickadee hybrids; an after-2nd -year and a second-year Carolina Chickadee.

Forty-five species were banded, 38 more species seen, totaling 83 species, of which 32 species were Neotropical migrants, 21 species temperate migrants, 6 species overwintering migrants and 24 species residents. Two of 7 flycatcher species, 6 thrush, 12 warbler, 3 finch and 6 sparrow species were banded. A few more feather samples were taken for the UCLA West Nile Project.

Sighting and banding details, dates, (number of birds):

Canada Gooseflocks overhead throughout
Black Vulture17 Oct
Turkey Vulturethroughout
Northern Harrier18 Oct
Sharp-shinned Hawklast seen 31 Oct
Cooper's Hawkcalling juv 4 Sep, throughout
Red-tailed Hawkthroughout, pair 7 Nov
Broad-winged Hawk19 Sept
Mourning Dovethroughout
Red-bellied Woodpeckerthroughout
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker10 Oct, 29 Nov
Downy Woodpeckerthroughout
Common Flickerthroughout
Pileated Woodpeckerthroughout
Eastern Wood Peweelast seen19 Sept
Yellow-bellied Flycatcherbanded 5 Sept
Acadian Flycatcher19 Sept
Alder Flycatcherbanded 19 Sept
Eastern Phoebelast seen 24 Oct
Traill’s Flycatcherbanded 5 Sept
Great-crested Flycatcherlast seen 5 Sept
Blue Jays and Crowsthroughout
Black-capped x Carolina Chickadeehybrids banded (7)
Carolina Chickadeebanded (12)
Black-capped Chickadeebanded 3 Oct - 14 Nov (6)
Tufted Titmousebanded (53)
Red-breasted Nuthatch5 Sep, banded 6 Oct (2)
White-breasted Nuthatchthroughout
Brown Creeperbanded 3 Oct, 7 Nov
Carolina Wrenthroughout
Winter Wrenbanded 17 Oct
Golden-crowned Kingletbanded 3 Oct - 21 Nov (10)
Ruby-crowned Kingletbanded 3 Oct - 7 Nov (21)
Eastern Bluebird & fledglingsthroughout
Veerylast banded 19 Sept
Gray-cheeked Thrushbanded 26 Sep - 3 Oct (5)
Swainson's Thrushbanded 3 Oct - 10 Oct (7)
Hermit Thrushbanded 8 Oct - 21 Nov (39)
Wood Thrushlast banded 26 Sept
Am. Robinflock 9 Sep - 7 Nov (75+)
Northern Mockingbirdthroughout
Catbirdbanded 5 Sep - 3 Oct (33)
Cedar Waxwing7 Nov (12)
European Starling31 Oct
Red-eyed Vireolast banded 3 Oct
Black-and-white Warbler2 Oct
Nashville Warbler18 Sep
Northern Parulabanded 3 Oct
Black-throated Blue Warblerbanded 5 Sept - 10 Oct (7)
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)banded 2 - 24 Oct (49)
Magnolia Warblerbanded 5 -26 Sep (6)
Blackpoll Warblerbanded 3, 10 Oct
Black-throated Green Warblerbanded 5 Sep
Yellow Palm Warblerbanded 17 Oct (2)
Ovenbirdlast banded 3 Oct
Northern Waterthrushbanded 19 Sept
Common Yellowthroatlast banded 10 Oct
Canada Warbler4 Sep, banded 5 Sept
American Redstartbanded 5 Sep - 2 Oct (14)
Brown-headed Cowbirdlast seen 11 Nov
Common Gracklelast seen 17 Nov
Purple Finchbanded 17 Oct (3)
House Finchthroughout
American Goldfinchthroughout
Pine Siskin(4 View Point Dr.) 2 Nov (2), 5 Nov (10)
White-throated Sparrowbanded 3 Oct - 14 Nov (58)
American Tree Sparrow11 Nov
Chipping Sparrowlast seen 24 Oct (17)
Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored)banded 2 Oct - 14 Nov (35)
Song Sparrowthroughout, last banded 7 Nov
Swamp Sparrowbanded 17 Oct
Fox Sparrowbanded 31 Oct, 14 Nov
Eastern Towheelast seen 14 Nov
Northern Cardinalthroughout
Rose-breasted Grosbeaklast seen 26 Sep

Hannah Suthers and the Featherbed Lane Banding Station Crew

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