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Conservation IssuesButterfly Garden Blooms In Carson Woods
Frank Bader

Butterfly Garden Blooms In Carson Woods
Frank Bader

Members of WCAS selected a sunny spot within the Carson Road Woods this past June and, with the encouragement of the WCAS board and the written approval of the Lawrence Township, we started a Butterfly Garden. The initial plantings consisted of eight Butterfly Bushes (Buddleia davidii) of three varieties. This is universally considered the most successful plant for attracting butterflies in this area.

Though still small, the bushes have started to attract nectaring butterflies. The garden can be reached from Bellevue Terrace by way of Maya Drive. Shortly after entering, take the first left on the trail and proceed to the corner (NW) of the field where the Christmas trees start. Thanks to Susan Mitchell, Glenn Freeman, Pat Sziber and Herb Lord for their tireless help.



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