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Conservation IssuesBluebird Nest Box Volunteers Needed
Tom Cosmas

Bluebird Nest Box Volunteers Needed
Tom Cosmas

Do you love Bluebirds and the great outdoors? This might be right up your alley!

Cynthia Coritz of the Round Valley Recreation Area is looking for a volunteer or two to assist this winter/spring in the maintainence (cleaning out) and next summer monitoring of approximately 24 Bluebird houses in the vacinity of the park office.

They have forms that are used to track the activity in the boxes. They can show the volunteer the location of the boxes (be advised it will entail walking up toboggan hill which is a great exercise opportunity at the same time ) The monitoring only took the eagle scout and his father a couple of hours each week.

An exhibit panel for the Bluebird Trail is currently being designed and should be fabricated within the next few months.

If you are interested, please contact Ms. Coritz:

By Mail:

J Q Public
123 Main St
MyTown, NJ 08625

Cynthia Coritz
Round Valley Recreation Area
1220 Lebanon-Stanton Road
Lebanon NJ 08833

By Phone:

908 236-6355



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