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Pat Sziber

Speaking of Grasslands...
Pat Sziber

...did you get out to the Pole Farm this summer? Did you notice a difference? The combination of a wet spring and an idle mower resulted in a profusion of wildflowers unlike any we've seen in recent years. And butterflies, too! The Pole Farm was one of the most rewarding spots for the first-ever Mercer County Butterfly Count. On the following day, July 20th, black-eyed Susan, yarrow, wild bergamot, steeplebush, sneezeweed, St. Johnswort, yellow loosestrife, pasture rose, blue vervain, daisy fleabane, meadow beauty, dogbane, milkweed and more spilled over onto the paths. The grassy field known as the "bobolink field" was untouched and there's a good chance this year's clutch was safely fledged.

Many thanks to County Naturalist Joe Schmeltz and Land Manager Walt Krawtschenko for talking to the farmers who have been working the property. We asked that mowing be delayed until at least August 1st and that the vegetation along the edges of the lanes be left alone. Unfortunately, the fields in the northwest quarter of the 812-acre property did get mowed in early July and we lament the loss. We 'll have to work on this again for next year. Meanwhile, do get out to see the goldenrods and asters which should be spectacular in September!



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