Volunteer Meeting Monitors Needed
Pat Sziber

Two of the most important blocks of habitat in our area are Baldpate Mountain, with its large unbroken forest, and the Pole Farm (Mercer County Park Northwest) with its significant grassland habitat. Both are designated as Important Bird Areas and both are managed by the Mercer County Park Commission. We feel especially protective of these places because we know them so well and because of the work our chapter members have done in assembling species inventories there. Therefore, we believe it is important that we have a presence at Park Commission meetings to monitor discussions that might affect the habitat values of these and other County-managed open spaces and to let officials know that WCAS is an interested party. The Park Commission meetings are usually held the last Wednesday of the month at the County Administration Building on South Broad Street in Trenton but may occasionally be held at another County facility. If you would like to join the team of meeting monitors who will share this task, please e-mail Pat Sziber at SziBird@aol.com.




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Last revision: Wednesday, April 22, 2009