PennEast Pipeline: Resistance Causing Delays
Pat Sziber

PennEast Pipeline Company officials say they’ve never seen anything like it. But New Jersey residents are saying “Enough is enough” and they are putting up mountains of resistance. About 70 percent of New Jersey landowners along the proposed pipeline route have denied access for PennEast surveyors. Without surveys and on-the-ground assessments, the company cannot provide sufficient information for a thorough Environmental Impact Statement. There have been accusations of illegal trespass by contractors. At this point, the project is behind schedule and, even if the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approves it, the pipeline will likely go online a year later than expected

Environmental organizations, land conservancies, citizen groups, farmers and other landowners have been very vocal in the opposition to the PennEast project. WCAS president Sharyn Magee has filed comments with FERC, particularly about likely negative impacts on bird habitat on Baldpate Mountain, where the pipeline would parallel the JCP&L easement. It is clear that the route is intended to use open spaces and farmland—land whose preservation New Jersey residents have supported over the years.

There’s more. There are a number of pipelines routed across New Jersey, either in the works or proposed. It is apparent that the PennEast pipeline is but one segment of an interconnected system along with the Garden State Expansion Project, Crestwood Marc II and the Southern Reliability Link. These four projects are interdependent upon one another for delivery of a daily capacity of 180,000 dekatherms of natural gas. Activists have urged FERC to consider the cumulative harm of these interdependent projects to all aspects of the environment and other resources and consider them as a whole, rather than segment-by-segment review.

Many of the documents regarding PennEast that have been filed with FERC can be found on the Hopewell Township website,

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Last revision: Wednesday, February 17, 2016