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New Jersey voters have spoken loud and clear: we do NOT want our open spaces devoured by development and blacktop from High Point to Cape May. The State, Mercer County and most municipal open space referendums in our chapter area were approved on November 3rd by substantial margins. At last, the stable source of funding for open space, farmland and historical preservation is here. Municipal and County funds will help to bring some of that $98 million a year into our area for worthy projects already waiting in the wings. We are extremely grateful to Governor Whitman, our legislators, and county and local officials for getting the referendums on the ballot, to the Coalition to Preserve Natural Resources and other groups for their hard work in promoting the initiatives, and to the New Jersey voters who made the choice for quality of life. Open space preservation lies at the heart of our mission of habitat conservation and we thank everyone who helped make this a success.

WCAS had a role in getting the word out in Mercer County with a donation to the Open Space Alliance, a political committee formed by several individuals involved with the Natural Lands Network (see WCAS Joins Natural Lands Network article) for the purpose of promoting the open space referendums throughout Mercer County. The chapter also signed onto newspaper ads supporting all of the referendums. Several of our members aided the Alliance's effort by distributing literature, by volunteering at information tables at Terhune Orchards and the Trenton Farmers Market, and by working on the telephone bank. This certainly was time and money well spent!

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