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In an effort to assist in the preservation of the new Mercer County Park Northwest, also known as the AT&T "Pole Farm", our chapter distributed copies of its preliminary report, A Biological Survey of the Pole Farm, to members of the Mercer County Park Northwest steering committee at its public meeting held on October 22, 1998.

Prior disturbing public comments from County officials and rumors about their apparent closed-door decision to proceed with active recreational development at the property based on their own polling system led to compiling the Preliminary Report a few days prior to the October public meeting held in Ewing, the third of its kind that has been held. The small crowd, about a third of whom were members of Washington Crossing Audubon Society (WCAS), spoke on behalf of preserving the property. Herb Lord, a WCAS Board member and active participant in the Survey, presented copies of the preliminary report to each of the Steering Committee members in attendance. An additional comment by one County official made it clear that these public meetings were simply a facade to make it appear that the County was listening to their constituents, or else a bad case of public relations on behalf of the County's spokesman. He told the "conservationists" in the crowd that their voice was over-represented at these meetings only because the other people were "too busy" to attend the meetings. If that was not a slap in the face to the dedicated members who spend countless hours, days and weeks each year for the conservation and preservation of our open space, then nothing is.

Nevertheless, providing our findings were critical for our chapter and its members to show what strengths we, as a chapter, do possess in the community. Largely due to the efforts of Board member Herb Lord, were we able to pull together the information in such a short period of time and provide it to the committee members. The preliminary report is currently being reviewed by our own board and biological survey team members with hopes of making additions to and refining the data and text, and producing a final report. Copies will most likely be made available for review on our Web Page, at our monthly meetings or at local libraries. Full acknowledgments will be included in the report but we would like to thank all of those who participated and made this venture a successful one (despite the reactions of the County's representatives); you know who you are.

In addition, we urge all members to write to or attend any potential future public meetings regarding the development plans of the Mercer County Park Northwest. There was talk of another public meeting being held in Princeton prior to the end of the year. Princeton is our stronghold and your support is needed if we are to see the landscape of the Pole Farm to remain as natural as it is today! Stay tuned and voice your opinions at the next meeting.

[Call our chapter's phone service at (609) 730-8200 and Press 4 for Conservation Issues. We will post the date, time and location of any future public meetings on this property as soon as we hear about them.]

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