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The National Audubon Society has added another campaign; the Heritage Forest Campaign. In working with 10 other groups on this campaign, we hope to gain permanent protection for all Forest Service roadless areas that are more than 1,000 acres.

The Heritage Forests are the ones that host the endangered species, like salmon, spotted owls and goshawk. They are where our cleanest drinking water, purest air, and best hiking spots lie. They are also the places where the Forest Service and the timber industry are looking to get their timber volume from in the next decades, as lands with preexisting roads become tree farms and the trees in unprotected wilderness areas look better and better for the sawmills.

A year ago, President Clinton acknowledged that there was a problem with Forest Service roads. Of the Heritage Forests, he said that "These unspoiled places must be managed through science, not politics." We applaud these words and are working with the Clinton-Gore Administration and the US Forest Service to make good on their promise. The first result of that promise was a temporary moratorium on road building in unprotected wilderness areas. The main problems with the moratorium is that it excludes the National Forests of Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, the Pacific Northwest, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas and Virginia, and it is only 18 months long.

When the temporary moratorium is in place, (expected in 1/99) the Forest Service will be developing its long term policy, which presents the Clinton-Gore Administration with a historic opportunity to protect all the American Heritage Forests. We hope you will work with us to encourage the administration and the Forest Service to adopt a long term policy that permanently protects all Forest Service areas without roads. You can help by writing a letter to the Forest Service at: 14th and Independence Ave, SW, Washington D.C. 20501. Write to Vice President Gore at: Old Executive Office Building, Washington D.C. 20501. Also give Alix Davidson a call at (202) 861-2242 and get more involved in Audubon's Heritage Forest Campaign.

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