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The Heritage Forest Campaign reports that 165 Congressional Representatives signed a letter to President Clinton asking that the Forest Service provide permanent protection to national forest roadless areas 1,000 acres and greater. Among the signers are, once again, our own Reps. Franks, Holt and Smith. In addition, the Campaign delivered 125,000 postcards to the President in support of roadless areas protection. A survey released in late July showed that 63% of Americans favor a proposal to protect all national forest roadless areas 1,000 acres and larger. Heritage Forest Campaign, The Wilderness Society and National Audubon commissioned the survey.

We will continue to work on this issue with NAS and the Heritage Forest Campaign until the roadless areas have protection from logging, mining, road construction and other damaging activities. If you would like to send your own letter of thanks to your Congressman for signing the letter to President Clinton, their addresses are:

or the toll-free Capitol switchboard number: (888) 723-5246

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