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Barbara Ross

Don't be shy! Identify yourself! Mercer County is especially rich in corporations, large and small, and many of them employ Washington Crossing Audubon Society members. You may work for a corporation that matches the charitable contributions of its employees or makes donations only to employee-recommended organizations. But we have no way of knowing who you are unless you tell us! Even if you aren't in the financial big leagues or your company doesn't match gifts, you can help WCAS by telling your colleagues about Audubon. It can be as easy as leaving out a pile of brochures or posting a notice on your company's e-mail bulletin board. Think of the positive social consequences for yourself! WCAS will supply what you need. Please call Barbara Ross at 609 924-2683 if you are interested. With your help we can tap a potentially rich source of new members like you in the active years of their lives. What about it?

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