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Hackensack Meadowlands Preservation
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There's another preservation alliance working to protect sensitive natural lands in New Jersey - The Hackensack Meadowlands Preservation Alliance (HMPA). Only 7000 acres of the original 21,000 Meadowlands acres remain (plus another 1500 acres of creeks and open waters), but it is still a tremendous open space asset. In 1998 HMPA was formed to provide all interested parties a forum by which their concerns about the Meadowlands could be expressed. An immediate threat is the proposed "Meadowlands Mills" mega-mall, which would, if the current Special Area Management Plan were followed, allow 465 acres of wetlands to be destroyed and built upon. The alliance recommends halting that specific planned development and protecting all of the remaining open spaces within the Hackensack Meadowlands District. They suggest that this can best be done through acquisition by the New Jersey Division of Fish, Game and Wildlife for management as a Wildlife Management Area, and/or the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to become a National Wildlife Refuge.

The Washington Crossing Audubon Society board of directors unanimously voted at its November meeting to endorse the goals of the Hackensack Meadowlands Preservation Alliance. WCAS president Jeffrey Hall sent a letter outlining our opposition to building a mall in the middle of the meadowlands and supporting the creation of a Meadowlands National Wildlife Refuge to Governor Whitman and Vice President Gore. We urge you to write to Governor Whitman too, at the address given in the preceding article. In addition, we will show HMPA's short documentary videotape "New Jersey's Choice: Wildlife Refuge or Mega-Mall?" at our November meeting and distribute HMPA brochures. If you missed the November meeting, we may still have the video and brochures in January.

For more information on HMPA, contact Hcarola@aol.com.

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