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Alexauken Creek WCAS Report

In the summer of 2002, Washington Crossing Audubon Society (WCAS) was contacted by Jamie Kampf and Hal Shute, neighbors of ACWMA, and invited to take a tour of the property. WCAS was also asked to consider conducting a biological inventory of the property and making recommendations for its management, based on information gathered in the inventory. On June 5, 2002 WCAS current and former board members Hannah Suthers, Pat Sziber, Rick Dutko and Herb Lord joined Hal Shute, Jamie Kampf and Gary Robinson for a tour of the property, and agreed that WCAS would conduct the study and provide a report in early 2004.

Carson Road Woods WCAS Report

The Woods are host to a wide variety of plant and animal life, including some threatened and endangered species. The Washington Crossing Audubon Society (WCAS) conducted a full survey in 2002 of all wildlife that call the woods their home.

Pole Farm WCAS Report





Featherbed Lane Banding Station

Bird Censuses compiled by Charles and Sharyn Magee | Species Counts

  • Baldpate Mountain
  • Aunt Molly’s Woods
  • Fiddlers Creek
  • McBurney Woods
  • Mercer Meadows (Pole Farm) formerly Mercer County Park NW
  • Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed
  • Mt. Rose SB-MWA
  • Princeton Institute Woods

State of New Jersey Endangered and Threatened Wildlife Species website

  • NJ State Endangered and Threatened Species
  • NJ Species of Special Concern
  • To report a sighting of any rare wildlife species, use NJDEP’s Rare Wildlife Sighting Report Form

New Jersey Natural Heritage Program

Special Plants of New Jersey lists and reporting

Pole Farm fields near old Reed Bryan Farm on Federal City Rd. © Fairfax Hutter
American Woodcock © Tyler Christensen
Hepatica in Sourlands © Fairfax Hutter
Eastern Comma © Fairfax Hutter
Trout Lilies © Fairfax Hutter
Regal moths (Citheronia regalis) mating © Fairfax Hutter