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Yellow Warbler
Baltimore Oriole
Northern Saw-whet Owl expelling a pellet
Northern Saw-whet Owl’s generous contribution to science.

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To stay in touch with Washington Crossing Audubon Society, please consider becoming a member to receive our quarterly newsletter, The Crossing. Your membership goes a long way in supporting the Washington Crossing Audubon Society’s education, research, and conservation initiatives. Members receive a subscription to WCAS’s quarterly newsletter, The Crossing, and have access to a number of members-only field trips.

Chapter Membership

Become a member of the Washington Crossing Audubon Society and receive The Crossing newsletter. Basic membership starts at just $10, all of which goes to the Washington Crossing Audubon Society.

National & Chapter Membership Package

Become a member of the National Audubon Society through our chapter. This membership package includes a subscription to The Crossing newsletter and Audubon Magazine. This membership package starts at $20 dollars for new members, and $35 dollars for membership renewal. A portion of this membership fee goes to the Washington Crossing Audubon Society.

Membership Form

Download our membership form:  wcas_appl_2006 or fill out online and mail. Please specify whether you would like a WCAS chapter membership or a National & Chapter Membership Package.

Consider making a Generous Donation

If you’d like to support the Washington Crossing Audubon Society without becoming a member, please consider making a donation. WCAS is grateful for your generous contribution. Washington Crossing Audubon Society is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation to WCAS is tax deductible as permitted by law.

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Washington Crossing Audubon Society Membership—UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Now you have choices!

Chapter Membership

You get Washington Crossing Audubon Society’s newsletter, The Crossing, plus programs, field trips, and the opportunity to make a difference on the local level. WCAS gets to use the full amount.
Enclose check payable to WCAS

National Membership

You get full chapter membership (includes The Crossing newsletter), plus Audubon magazine, and the opportunity to support Audubon’s work on national and international levels. WCAS gets back a share of the amount.

National Audubon Society Memberships only:

1) Join online at

2) Enclose check payable to WCAS OR 3) fill out Credit Card information below.

Chapter Membership enclose check payable to WCAS. National Membership enclose check payable to WCAS OR fill out Credit Card info below
This and a NAS membership result in highest benefits for everyone. Please be generous.


Enclose check payable to WCAS

Mail to: Membership Chair, WCAS, PO Box 112, Pennington, NJ 08534 C0ZQ060Z

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